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Blood Policing, by Cedric Sunray

David Shorter states in his 7/1/15 editorial slam piece against Andrea Smith, “Four Words for Andrea Smith: I’m Not an Indian”,

“But the value of the conversation will only emerge if we must start first with honesty. That’s the power of saying what we know to be true.”

I have met Andrea on one occasion when she was speaking at the University of Oklahoma College of Law.  She was a co-editor on a recent anthology from the University of Arizona Press which I had an essay in.  The title of this essay was Blood Policing.  How very timely indeed.   Clearly, I don’t know Andrea Smith in the way that these sometimes anonymous and sometimes not bloggers purportedly do.

But what I do know “if we must start first with honesty” as the venerable Professor Shorter states, is that what is missing from these conversations is just that.  So let us start with Professor Shorter who says he is Mexican, but not Indian.  A ton of my Mexican friends will want to kick the guy in his teeth as soon as they read that strange line of reasoning as they absolutely identify as Indian.  Okay, so that one is settled.  On to the next…and please note that everything I am writing here today are words I have been writing about for years and have spoken of directly to the insulting parties.

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